Pakistani Music & Media awards 2017

The Pakistani Music and Media Awards 2017 aims to celebrate the achievements of artists, producers, music and media experts within the British Asian world, while also encouraging new young, talent to break into the industry.

Our annual awards ceremony will take place on the 13th September 2017 at the CSN Banqueting Suite, 238-252 Highgate Rd, Birmingham B12 8EA.

We will honour the new & established talent within over 30 categories in the industry this year, which make up the vibrant world of Pakistani music and media.

Our goal is to raise huge funds that will be used to support the new local artists.

In order to meet this goal, we are asking for sponsorships from local businesses, schools, universities and individuals to support the cause and generate exposure. This would also be a great opportunity for you to promote music courses, education opportunities to local and national audiences.

By giving to this annual event, you’ll be supporting The Bidgley Power Foundation and helping us provide assistance to those in our community who need it the most.